Many homeowners are recognizing the need to break from traditional, dependent sources of energy and are making the switch to a solar-powered house. However, while trying to find the right system for their home, clients often have a ton of questions about solar arrays or panels but often find answers difficult to come by. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared and are armed with the most accurate information, Active Energies Solar has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a solar array.

1. Is it true that solar energy is a good investment?
Yes, it’s true! Solar Energy will save you money on your electric bill and increase the market value of your home. Installing a solar array will far exceed all common home improvements, like renovating a bathroom.

2. What is the average cost of energy?
The average household usage is 11,000 kWh x $0.10=$1,100/year. A computer uses .2kWh x18 hours a day x 360 days a year x $0.10/kWh= $162.56.

3. Do I need a permit and HOA approval to install a solar array on my home?
Yes, depending on where you live, you will need building and electrical permits as well as an HOA (Home Owner’s Association) approval to install an array on your home.

At Active Energies Solar, we take care of the process of applying for the permits needed for your home.

4. How much time does it take to install a solar array?
The process of installing an array will take one to two days to install, depending on the size. However, the process of applying for permits is the most time-consuming part when buying a solar array.

5. What if I need to repair my roof?
The life of solar panels spans about the same as the life of a roof, an average of twenty-five years. Most solar panels have a twenty-five-year warranty. Solar panels are stronger than the average roof shingle and hold up better during hail and snow.

6. What about energy production in the winter?
You will generate less energy in the winter, but the energy you produce in the summer months is stored and used during the winter months, so you will still have all the benefits of solar energy.

7. Is it hard to maintain a solar array?
No, solar arrays are very easy to maintain after the initial installation. The only work that needs to be done is to periodically clean off the solar panels to remove dust particles as a way to increase the sensitivity of the Sun.

8. Will I get a tax credit for buying a solar array system?
Yes, the current tax credit is 30% of the expenses after rebates. This tax credit will decrease to 26% in 2020, then 22% in 2021 and it will then go away completely, so the best time to purchase a solar array system is now!

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