Our Process

Renewable energy in your home is simpler than you think

We’ll make it easy and provide clarity every step of the way. Put the sun to work for you and start saving today.

Our Three Simple Steps

  • Free site assessment and energy audit

  • Tailored design, expert install

  • Guided introduction and support

The benefits of solar

Why Should I Go Solar?

It’s Clean and Renewable

Solar collection emits no greenhouse gasses or pollutants, and helps to reduce air pollution and fight climate change.

Your Pocket

In addition to incredible rebates, solar power can slash or eliminate electricity bills, increase property values, and provide long-term energy cost relief.

Home EV Charging

Convenient charging from home reduces the need for public charging stations, making EV ownership hassle-free.

Take Control

With solar power, homeowners can produce their own electricity, optimize their usage and and protect against rising energy prices.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

Try Our Solar Calculator

Service Areas

Located in the heart of the Rockies in Avon, Colorado, we are dedicated to serving our fellow high country communities. If you are interested in projects outside of our service area, just reach out for a chat.

Reviews and Testimonials

We’ve forged strong bonds in the Colorado community since 2006 with a commitment to top-tier customer care and unrivaled local service.

See for yourself how we’ve earned love and trust from New Castle to Grand Lake.

“Very straight forward approach to SOLAR, no hard sell, ‘just the facts, nothing but the facts’. Also, it was hard to turn down the opportunity with Summit county program., but more importantly, they did what they said they would do and pretty much when they said they would do it. Great folks to work with; the office staff doesn’t pass you off to someone else – they take care of you!, and installers/engineers take time to explain what they are doing. A really good group all in all. Most importantly the solar system is kicking it!”
David Oredson

“Active Energies were great about working with us to design a system that would meet our growing energy needs. They also kept us informed as our installation process proceeded.”

Jennifer Filipowski

“AE crushed it for our family. We were very impressed from start to finish.”

Geoff Grimmer

“Great people, very well run.”

Rc Harbour

A committed community partner

A Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainability ensures we only source from manufacturers that use premium raw materials and practice high standards of environmental responsibility.

We’re honored to be Actively Green Certified Sustainable Business and proud members of the Climate Action Collaborative, in partnership with the esteemed Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon, Colorado.